The Proving Of The Saints

Prayer Walk Quebec has been months in the planning and praying.  We desired to come and simply offer prayer support for churches, church plants and the ONE Youth Ralley.  Yes, we recognized that Satan has had a stronghold in Quebec for years and that it contains one of the least reached people groups in the world.  Essentially, through choosing to pray in and for Quebec, we were declaring spiritual war on one of Satan’s long held domains.  But really, what could happen?  We’re in Canada, right?  

After an afternoon of praying for and around Fairview Alliance Church we decided to have a nice team meal at a local restaurant.  We were there for under and hour and in that time, in a very public mall parking lot, both of our cars (not even remotely parked near each other) were broken into and belongings stolen ranging from a laptop and mortgage papers to a passport and prayer journals.  Easily over $2500 worth of belongings stolen in a blink of an eye.  

Here is what I’ve reflected on:

1) There are no coincidences in the Kingdom of God.  God can work this to our good for His glory.  Because God knew this would happen we can rest in His hands.  If we are upset about our belongings we need to remember…

2) What was stolen was property of the King from His stewards.  Nothing more.  The timing is brutal.  The time it will take to get everything replaced is annoying.  But everything is God’s.

3) God proves His people by how they respond to challenges like this.  If they cling to their possessions it shows where their heart’s treasures lie.  If they get consumed with “Why?!” It shows they don’t trust their Father.  If they get angry and want revenge it shows they are either unaware of the spiritual battle surrounding them or they’ve lost their heart for the lost person being used as a tool by Satan.  Our team was quite calm though surprised.  We worked well as a team.  One team mate even prayed with and for the owner of the third vehicle vandalized with items stolen. I am so blessed to be serving with these saints!

4) Make no mistake — this is war!  Satan does it want us here and by ordering a coordinated attack so soon, he shows he is worried.  The Lord is leading us into battle and surely we will see victory.  Chains will be broken!  People will be freed!  People will be saved!!  The Gospel will be proclaimed!  And we get to play a part!!

Christians, enter into the battle and do not be surprised when trials come.  We are told that these trials build character and perseverance leading us into hope!  Let us embrace the mission and trust the Father and, in doing so, allow God to strengthen us and prove our faith.  May He be our treasure and our all in all.

In the name of Jesus!  Amen!