When Hope Seems Lost (a poem)

All hope seems lost, our Lord has died
Beaten, scorned then crucified
All hope seems lost, sky dark as night
The Creator killed by His design

All hope seems lost, his body buried
Evil came, destroyed and did not tarry
All hope seems lost, the stone in place
Shock and grief upon our face

O Death, you won, you made the crown
That dug so deeply into his brow
Your nails held firm, your spear drove deep
Our hope is lost and so we weep

But then, the grave, it lost its treasure!
By God’s design and His good pleasure
The price was paid declared in full!
The stain is gone now white as wool!

The stone once so immovable and sure
Is rolled away there is a cure
Those broken, lost, and filled with shame
Now have a light in Jesus name!

Behold, our Hope was never lost 
His love ensured He paid the cost
Our Hope secure, He is our rock
Our Great Shepherd and we his flock

O Love, Divine, that came for me
When I, in darkness, was thine enemy
O Love, Divine, my Hope assured
You hold my hand so I endure