Elijah’s Harbor ~ A Place To Recharge

All too often I find myself looking for a place to recharge. Four years ago my wife and I were financially strapped but desperate to get away. So I did what anyone would do (to my wife’s laughter)…I typed into the Google search bar “vacations for pastors.” Lo and behold! I found an article written by Ed Stetzer in Christianity Today which had links to places where pastors/church leaders could go for a reasonable cost. One of those places was Elijah’s Harbor.

Joe and Patty Gatas oversee the ministry there and they are an incredible couple! Our stay this past May was just what we needed. You can have them cook meals for you at an extremely reasonable cost and, when Joe describes the meat as “cooked perfectly”, it truly is cooked perfectly! The setting, the rooms, the food and the ministering of the people there truly does make it a harbor for rest.

If you are looking to take your family there are houses to rent on the property as well. They have ATVs to take out, animals to see, fishing gear to take to the stream, park passes if you venture out, an infinity pool and hot tub to relax in, an old fashioned ice cream shop for indulging, a brand new coffee shop for the caffeine connoisseurs, and a movie theatre for staying in. I’ve posted the link to their website below. Check them out!




Isaiah 43:19 ~ A Personal Journal Entry/Reflection

“Look! I’m doing a new thing; now it sprouts up; don’t you recognize it? I’m making a way in the desert, paths in the wilderness.”

Look!” – Take a moment/take time to observe the work I’m doing, the transformation taking place before you, in you, in others. Purposefully take a moment to OBSERVE.

I’m doing a new thing” – Don’t believe that someone is fully and finally formed! Don’t think they can’t transform, grow, mature, change. There’s no hope in that — neither for yourself or others. GOD is doing a new thing. It’s HIS work.

now it sprouts up” – Even NOW God is making growth occur. Anticipate it NOW…why do you think it will take a long time for new shoots to break the surface? Why can’t it be now? Everything has a beginning…a time when movement/development move forward to more maturity.

don’t you recognize it?” – Are you looking at MAN things or GOD things? Do you so believe a person can’t change that you are blind? Have you so little faith in the transformational power of God that you don’t even recognize when He’s at work? What measures are you using? Are your expectations blinding you? Perhaps you don’t recognize it because it’s MORE glorious than you anticipated/expected! You aren’t God…Look for HIS handiwork.

I’m making a way in the desert” – Yes, in the sands of the desert there seems to be no clear way…it all looks the same! But GOD can make one, guide, show clearly, be with ou on it. Even when the says seems invisible it’s clear to God.

[I’m making] paths in the wilderness.” – In the desert it’s all one big empty canvas with no scenery to guide — it’s so barren that any path is open — overly so. In the wilderness the way is rough, overgrown, needing clearing. There is no path because there is so much stuff — so many obstacles that a clear path needs to be cut and navigated. In the overgrowth of our lives in the wild wilderness, God can provide clarity and move obstacles we think will hinder or may hinder.

A Prayer: God open my eyes to see more clearly the work you are doing in me and in others. Help me to replace expectations with expectancy because You are faithful in Your promises to transform and Your power to accomplish it. When I see no guide posts along the way, I pray you make the path of travel clear to me. When all I see are obstacles blocking at me, thorns threatening to tear my flesh should I move forward, I pray You clear a path in the wilderness for me to follow Your lead. Thank you for your steadfast love.

[A journal entry March 2019]