Top 10 Reasons The New Liberal Government Will Be Good For Canada

I recognize that I had said I would not be posting any further political rants on Facebook and that this is, in fact, me writing about our new political frontier we are facing.  Just pretend I am a politician and you’ll be just fine.  After reading some posts from my friend Jose and some others, I began to reflect on what the next few years hold for us.  Believe it or not, there was a time when I was a Liberal.  Apparently, according to these little online tests, I am still strongly Liberal in most of what I would like to see happen.  You can imagine my surprise at that, and after I picked myself off of the floor, I promptly denied it.  I believe these tools are skewed.  However, as I read the Liberal platform there is quite a bit I agree with.  (Hopefully, Trudeau doesn’t borrow from the McGuinty or Wynn playbook for “speaking with forked tongue” or anything the federal wing of the Liberals has produced for a platform will quickly be denied within the first two weeks).  And so, I began to put my mind to the task of seeing what hope the future could hold and how this change can be good for Canada.  This resulted in the following list that is incomplete but has given my mind fuel to ponder. (*DISCLAIMER: I have never claimed to be an expert in politics.  I just watch, listen and read to see who actually does what they say they will.  And, I try to apply my small amount of common sense…which is common to me…you get the picture.)

  1. Canadian Privacy Protected: While I agree with protecting Canada as our nation I did find Bill C-51 far too invasive for a free country.  I believe the Liberals will do a review of it and because they do support a portion of it, they may provide a better balanced revision.  That being said, I hope they follow proper protocol for insuring we are not letting terrorists into our country when they move to fulfill their pledge to let in 25,000 immigrants by the end of the year.  Please keep in mind that Canada has been known to be a fairly safe place for those seeking to hide.
  2. Immediate investigation into the missing Aboriginal women in BC: I agree with Trudeau that this has gone on far too long and must be examined more closely in a timely manner.  Like, now.  I hope that the Liberal party will not become soft on crime and that this investigation will lead them to support the ground the Conservative party has gained in keeping criminals more accountable than ever before.  Canada is known to be one of the biggest countries for human trafficking and I pray this investigation will not stop with Aboriginals only but will penetrate the issues surrounding human trafficking.  (On a side note: I sure hope someone sends a proposal to Trudeau about once again opening up farms kept by inmates to provide food for the prison and reform for those incarcerated.  Why these farms were closed remains a mystery of logic to me and I do believe their closure came from the Conservatives.  Which is really counterproductive considering they were basically self-supporting institutions that provided food for the prison and were able to sell produce to the surrounding community thereby showing prisons could contribute positively.  They also allowed inmates actually learn how to care for things and gain skills.  Of course we all hope the amount of inmates will not increase once marijuana gets legalized and people start looting in order to have funds to buy it for recreational use.  Then, most definitely, the farming will be needed.  HEY!  The government started their own weed farms completely operated by inmates!  😛 )
  3. Taking advantage of the lower interest rates for infrastructure improvements: We all have either done this, are doing this or would do this if we could, with our own homes.  When we can replace leaking roofs on our homes, if the need is great and the interest rates are low, we usually are willing to go into debt in order to do it.  The further we allow some of our country’s infrastructure maintenance/replacements to go unchecked the greater the cost will be in the future.  This also provides employment and stabilizes our work forces with contracts.  That being said, on the greater scale there aren’t a vast majority of people who will benefit from these contracts especially if they are doled out in some backroom or *cough* on the golf course.  But, for a small mind like my own, this move does make a certain amount of logic.
  4. The support to the middle class: I admit, it has been a real puzzle to me why the Harper government didn’t do more for the middle class and why the elite seemed to benefit most from some of the Conservative’s moves.  The middle class are the backbone of our country and Trudeau’s attempt to alleviate some of the financial pressure this sector is experiencing will be most welcomed.  Canada’s middle-class are the ones who tend to have steady employment, buy homes, buy cars etc. so it makes the most sense to try to keep them earning and spending for our country’s financial infrastructure.  Now, if taxes go up in other areas, this is not going to actually help but be a smoke screen that has sucked the people in.  Furthermore, this will only help our country if the promises the Liberals make to everyone else doesn’t erase the benefits of this particular move.
  5. The uniting of the country: I must admit that the part of Trudeau’s speech that moved me was about Canada becoming the compassionate country we had been known to be.  Perhaps this will be true.  Only time will tell.  Perhaps if it is modelled at the government level it will filter down to the people.  I truly hope this will be the case…it certainly could be if the Liberal Federal Party will live up to their platform and actually do what they say they will without lies and deceit and the destruction of key documents to cover their illegal tracks (insert bitter Ontarioian comment here).  In truth, I haven’t felt the country this united over a leader for a long, long time.  In that sense, for the first day in, it certainly “feels good.”
  6. The supporting of young leaders: In the case of young leaders, I have tried my best to help them whenever I can.  If there is opportunity for new ideas I have sought to open the doors for them so they could fly.  If there are leadership positions of responsibility I have sought to help them buy enough currency with people so that they are able to sit at the table to help shape our future.  To that end, I believe that Trudeau deserves to have some space to test out his wings.  I hope his party will keep him not only well-informed but also mentored so that he doesn’t become the world’s “frat boy from Canada with the great hair.”  If nothing else, he has stirred our youth to vote.  Here’s hoping that voting effort was not only for legalization of pot for recreational use.  I would like to think our youth are better than that.  Thank you, Justin Trudeau, for stirring our youth into action instead of sitting back being apathetic!  It is exciting to see our youth now mobilizing themselves to help shape our future and also taking responsibility for victories and fallouts.
  7. Canadian politics seems to demand a majority house in order to actually follow through on the party plans:  A person once told me that any diet will work if you follow their program faithfully.  I am not sure that is true.  However, I can see how being a political party in power with a minority government can be quite frustrating.  Your party could put together a radical plan but get stymied at every turn but the uniting of the other parties to block your efforts for reform.  Or, you get moving in one direction only to have a shift only to see your time and efforts wasted…one step forward, two steps back.  To the public’s eye it looks like the party in power is ineffective when in reality they simply are bricked from moving anything forward.  I pray that the new majority government will use their amount of seats with wisdom.  I pray they will try to do what their platform said and unite Canada to move us forward in change today for the betterment of our country.  I hope to see Trudeau lead with the new leadership mentality of positive teamwork instead of the CEO heavy-handed-power-plays.  Which leads me to my next point…
  8. Trudeau’s positive platform can shape and show the youth today that mudslinging gets negative results:  I heartily applaud the Liberal’s positive platform.  Perhaps the part of the Conservatives that I hate the most when it comes to elections is the dirty playing.  Why do that?  Just tell us how you are going to make things better and show us the plan.  While the Liberals do tend to promise far too much without showing how their wand will work its magic to fulfill it all, I do believe Justin’s positive attitude shows the right way to have Canada leadership and Canadians how to work together.  Now, this part may seem ironic for some of you that have read some of the things I have posted.  I must admit a fairly jaded bend regarding the Liberal party due to what has been happening in Ontario.  This is unfair to apply that paint brush at the Federal level (though Trudeau’s remark about hailing Wynn as someone who is fiscally responsible is perhaps one of his most humorous moments next to how budgets just take care of themselves).  But I digress.  Justin Trudeau, show us how to lead a divided house and shape them into a ship moving forward not because you have the strongest seat numbers but through your willingness to work with all parties.  All of our parties have some great things in their platforms!  Will you try to incorporate all the best ideas to have the strongest country?
  9. Shaking the status quo:  Parties often get comfortable in their modus operandi and cease to think outside the box for solutions.  Perhaps the strength of our democracy is that when things begin to over-correct there are others parties who can “right” the ship and highlight that there are other aspects that are important but have gotten lost in the previous party’s plan.  There is no doubt that the Conservatives and Liberals are opposed in many of their platforms.  I am praying that where there is common ground and common sense, those areas of agreement will continue to be supported and moved forward instead of being scrapped simply because it was a “Conservative” initiative.  Hopefully, the baby won’t get thrown out with the bathwater and we can still maintain some stability as we move through these waters of change.  And lastly…
  10. This will be an incredibly public lesson in political accountability: Change for change sake is always a dicy way to vote.  Grass can always seem greener on the other side until you wake up one day and realize you have made a tragic error.  That being said, political parties can get far too comfortable in their ways and begin to believe they are untouchable.  I truly believe the landslide victory away from the Conservative party to the Liberals was because the public perceived the Conservatives to feel a sense of entitlement and “untouchability.” This complete upset has woken up our politicians to realize that no one is untouchable.  Just see the last election’s results and how the Liberal federal party shrank to incredibly small proportions only to rise in this election to a majority house!  The fate of the next election for the Liberal party really does rest on their ability and willingness to follow through on platform promises.  While it seems like Canadians are strongly in favour of the Liberals being in power today, the public are fickle and tides can change quickly if they feel like they have been lied to.  The best thing Trudeau can do is actually follow through on what he said he would do.  Historically, the thing most upsetting to Canadians has been to have a politician do what they say they are going to do it, when they said they’d do it and how they said they would.  When politicians actually are truthful and reliable it throws off our Canadian sensibilities.  In this case, hopefully our sensibilities have matured and we will closely watch and see a leader follow through with integrity, accountability and transparency.  Are you listening Ontario?!

Well, those are my 10 positives for the future.  I usually try to stay away from politics (especially as a pastor) but like everyone else, I got caught up in this election sensing it was very important.  Let’s pray for our new government and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  Let’s pray he will continue to build in the respect among the other nations that Harper has garnered in his tenure as PM.  Let’s pray for our dollar that it may remain strong in the midst of this radical political shift.  Let’s pray that our new government will be ethical and moral as they lead us into the future.  Amen.


The Proving Of The Saints

Prayer Walk Quebec has been months in the planning and praying.  We desired to come and simply offer prayer support for churches, church plants and the ONE Youth Ralley.  Yes, we recognized that Satan has had a stronghold in Quebec for years and that it contains one of the least reached people groups in the world.  Essentially, through choosing to pray in and for Quebec, we were declaring spiritual war on one of Satan’s long held domains.  But really, what could happen?  We’re in Canada, right?  

After an afternoon of praying for and around Fairview Alliance Church we decided to have a nice team meal at a local restaurant.  We were there for under and hour and in that time, in a very public mall parking lot, both of our cars (not even remotely parked near each other) were broken into and belongings stolen ranging from a laptop and mortgage papers to a passport and prayer journals.  Easily over $2500 worth of belongings stolen in a blink of an eye.  

Here is what I’ve reflected on:

1) There are no coincidences in the Kingdom of God.  God can work this to our good for His glory.  Because God knew this would happen we can rest in His hands.  If we are upset about our belongings we need to remember…

2) What was stolen was property of the King from His stewards.  Nothing more.  The timing is brutal.  The time it will take to get everything replaced is annoying.  But everything is God’s.

3) God proves His people by how they respond to challenges like this.  If they cling to their possessions it shows where their heart’s treasures lie.  If they get consumed with “Why?!” It shows they don’t trust their Father.  If they get angry and want revenge it shows they are either unaware of the spiritual battle surrounding them or they’ve lost their heart for the lost person being used as a tool by Satan.  Our team was quite calm though surprised.  We worked well as a team.  One team mate even prayed with and for the owner of the third vehicle vandalized with items stolen. I am so blessed to be serving with these saints!

4) Make no mistake — this is war!  Satan does it want us here and by ordering a coordinated attack so soon, he shows he is worried.  The Lord is leading us into battle and surely we will see victory.  Chains will be broken!  People will be freed!  People will be saved!!  The Gospel will be proclaimed!  And we get to play a part!!

Christians, enter into the battle and do not be surprised when trials come.  We are told that these trials build character and perseverance leading us into hope!  Let us embrace the mission and trust the Father and, in doing so, allow God to strengthen us and prove our faith.  May He be our treasure and our all in all.

In the name of Jesus!  Amen!


Long Time No Post

Greetings everyone,

It has been a LONG time since my last post.  This partly due to me trying to figure out my blog (still learning) and trying to find time (still learning).  Alas, the time has come to begin this blog in earnest.  From my last posts I have lost weight, gained weight, lost weight again and gained weight again.  According to Ken Blanchard (One Minute Manager Balances Life & Work) getting a hold of your physical health is the first step in organizing your life.  I think this may be true most of the time and yet, I am still developing in other areas of my life which are healthier than ever before.

The reality we all face is that there is only so much time in a day, week, month etc. and every moment we are making choices as to how we will prioritize our activities in those blocks.  If we were all honest, we all might agree that there are times with stress simply causes us to grasp time to be slugs.  In my life this is often caused because I haven’t structured my times of rest and eventually need to take them.  I am learning that planned rest is the best rest for the best health.  If my blog wasn’t constantly getting its security tested by those wanted to corrupt my site, I would open the comment section up for a discussion for each of you to share how you have incorporated planned rest times in your life-schedule.  Alas, since this is largely a one-sided conversation I will let you know how I will do with this all in the future and what helpful tips I find to pass along.

Until then, let me leave you with this encouragement/challenge that was passed along to me this week: “Change only occurs when the pain of staying the same is larger than the pain the change requires.”  Where are the areas in life you most desire to change?  What has kept you from finding victory in these areas?  What resources do you need to make it happen?  Life is a challenging adventure…keep surging forward and taking new ground in your life.  The best is yet to come!


Amnesia and Conditional Obedience

“…just as we obeyed Moes in all things, so we will obey you.  Only may The Lord your God be with you, as he was with Moses!” ~ Joshua 1:17

When I read this I nearly choked.  Are the people of Israel standing before Joshua and telling him a) we obeyed Moses in all things or b) just as we obeyed Moses we will obey you or c) all of the above.  What an incredible short term memory they had both in their actions and the fact that Joshua knows exactly how they obeyed (*disobeyed) Moses in all things (*very few things).  Yet don’t we fall into the same condition of amnesia before God?  It seems there are two things we very quickly forget: God’s blessings and our failings.  We are also quick to remember two things: others failings and our conditions for obedience.  There is so much humor (and sadness) in this one verse it really is hard to know where to start one’s reflections.  The Lord said he would indeed be with Joshua just as he had been with Moses if Joshua would follow God closely.  In fact, in Josh 1:2 we read God commissing Joshua into headship ministry!  So the people already know that Joshua is the leader God has appointed for the mission ahead.  What is quite scarey is actually what follows in verse 18, “Whoever rebels against your commandment and disobeys your words, whatever you command him, shall be put to death.  Only be strong and courageous.”  Can you imagine!  Amnesia plus commitment to extreme consequences of disobedience foreshadow disaster in the future.

How often do we fall in line with Israel’s actions? How often do we either a) commit to “burning the ships” in obedience without considering our track record or we b) put conditions on what we will obey or what needs to happen in order for us to obey? God is not in the business of negotiating with His people. He calls us to obey Him when He gives us instructions. In fact, the word “disciple” means “apprentice or student.” The church today has taken that word as its own description but back in the New Testament time period the Rabbi’s weren’t the only ones who had students or “disciples.” All sorts of trades people had disciples who were learning how to work with their hands and copy the style of work their mentor produced. There was no negotiation – if you wanted to be their apprentice you did the work the way your teacher wanted you to do it and you did it like he did it – you followed in their footsteps. If we are called to be disciples of Jesus we show ourselves to be so through our obedience. No one can call themselves a follower of Jesus if they don’t in fact follow and obey what he has asked them or commanded them to do. And when we do the work of our Lord, we are to do HIS work the way HE would want it accomplished which not only reflects his character but also brings honor and glory to him. This also means we don’t worry about other people. The Israelites were concerned that Joshua wouldn’t be able to follow through when they really should have been more concerned about what they were committing to and how they were going to remain strong in faithfulness.

As we hear the call of Christ, let’s look to our own path to which we have been called and rely on God to light the way, give us the strength and pursue it with courage. Let’s not look to the left or the right worrying about whether or not others will be able to follow through on their commitment – that’s between them and the Lord. Instead, let’s be cheerleaders with each other and encourage one another to be faithful, to follow through and to commit whole heartedly to our Master – no negotiations – no conditions – just our affection driving us to Jesus time and time again. Amen.


The Battle Of Discipline & It’s Rewards

For the past 60 days I have been working hard on losing weight to become a healthier person and pastor. This has meant consuming large amounts of water daily, watching closely what I eat and saying NO to a lot of foods that I would have consumed in the past. It has meant making sure I try to exercise as often as I can and even prioritize the time. Most of this I have had success in…some of it not so much. Exercising consistently has at times been elusive and I really should go to bed early at night to get proper sleep. What I have noticed is that alongside the loss of weight and inches I have become more disciplined in other areas and developing a desire to be more so. My thought life has changed so that I reflect on different topics throughout the day. Where I used to dream about what I was going to eat now I think about what I should eat and how much water I need to drink — my body craves water now. I have purchased a journal to map the spiritual journey I and our church is on and never before have I had the discipline to journal. I purposely go for walks instead of watching more TV.

What has really become clear to me is how God has designed our bodies to be intricately entwined with all of its aspects. Lack of self-control in one area often leads to lack of self-control in other areas. Likewise, as we develop discipline it’s benefits spread to other areas. But it cannot be about determination alone. In fact, when confronted with all the “goodies” of the past my determination can falter but the Lord never does. Discipline is a request that needs to be brought before the Lord daily, hourly and sometimes moment by moment if it is ever going to take root and bear fruit. No wonder Jesus went off by himself early in the morning to spend time with his Father. He needed to remain connected with the one who gave him love and guidance in ministering to people throughout the rest of the day. To get up early must have been a discipline and after hard days of pouring yourself out for others I wonder if Jesus was ever tempted to give in and just sleep in. OR, what I believe is more likely, he understood the massive benefits meeting with the Father brought to his life and ministry. Nothing could replace what that personal discipline brought. What might you be needing to change in your life in order to bring some aspect back into order? Is there an area(s) that you know if only you could get under control you would experience God in a deeper way or more fruit in your life would be brought forth? God can help you….in fact, God want’s to help you because when you bear fruit you bring honor and glory to him while you grow closer to him in your reliance and affection.

Discipline – a hated word in our society today – can bear much fruit not only in the one area you wish would be different but in other areas you never even considered. Blessings on you as you look to God to give you strength and courage to move forward!


Reflections from GA 2014

Every two years the C&MA of Canada meets to discuss spiritual and business aspects of our denomination. This year we gather in our country’s capital, Ottawa, and even before it has begun it has been a wonderful experience. Our national staff are an incredible group of people as they scurry around plugging in this, setting up that, planning for this, going over copious notes and details. We are blessed to have them and I pray they are affirmed over and over again during the Assembly.

There is a current in the air surrounding this General Assembly. There are a number of sensitive issues being resolved and discussed, relational bridges to be mended and prayers for God’s Spirit to be present. One thing is for certain, after this week the C&MA in Canada will be changed. It is my prayer that relationally we will enter into a new depth that can only be achieved by listening well to the Holy Spirit and unification in love. We have a lot of business to cover so we have a lot “to do.” But the last time we got caught up in pushing through business sessions the Spirit seemed to be left outside the door and unity in love was far from achieved. This happens when task-orientation takes over people-orientation. Is what we do as a collective body more important than how we are as a collective body? I think not and I really don’t believe God thinks so either.

Colossians 3:12-17
Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, 13 bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. 14 And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. 15 And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful. 16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. 17 And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Isn’t it interesting that Christ tells his disciples that they will be identified as his disciples by their love and not by their business accomplishments at big meetings? I pray that our president, David Hearn, would listen closely to God and have the courage to guide proceedings according to the Spirit instead of the business meeting protocol and agendas. If we are not attuned to the Spirit how can we ever accomplish the work of God together? If we are not unified in the Spirit how can we ever be unified in love? Agreement, disagreement, these can take place as long as the Spirit’s love binds us together. This is my prayer. This is the cry of my spirit. May this General Assembly mark a decidedly different path for our future meetings and may we see the blessed fruit that only God brings as His people move together in Kingdom work.


Writing Material For The Church

Two weeks ago I was filled with amazing intentions.  I was going to write new church membership material.  I would cover what it meant to be a church member.  I would explain where our church was going.  I would help people see how they could get involved.  I would declare the intention of our leadership and their roles.  I was going to set the world on fire with incredible content that explained in warm, easy-to-understand terms how our church was going to impact our world for Christ…Sometimes reality can be harsh.  Within a day all of the wonderfully constructed explanations vanished from my brain.  Instead, I got lost in a book entitled, “I Am A Church Member” by Thom S. Rainer.  It was a small book.  Only six chapters.  It did exactly what it said it would do – explain what it meant to be a church member.  The more I read, the more I reflected.  The more I reflected, the more I was disturbed.  I was disturbed because I realized…I wasn’t a very good church member.  To make things worse — I’m the pastor.  Gulp.

With much more reflection and prayer, I began to write the material for our church family and things began to flow.  As I married the book I read with the material I was writing I began to feel a peace in my mind and calmness in my heart.  Just because I am the pastor doesn’t mean I am perfect.  Just because I am the pastor doesn’t mean I can’t ask for forgiveness and grow.  Because in the end, I serve functionally as the pastor but I really am a church member.  I, too, am part of the body.  If we were honest with ourselves I wonder how many of us think of the church family and THEN the pastor, as if “we” exist together and “he” exists in some other universe of christianity. Admittedly, this cultural mentality may be well deserved.  Through the years people have put pastors on ivory pedestals of transcendent perfection.  Sometimes the pastors themselves have climbed up and put themselves there.  In fact, I have been told several times that a pastor simply can’t develop friendships with his congregants because he needs to maintain some distance so that he doesn’t erode his moral authority for preaching.  As far as I can tell, in laymen’s terms, this simply means, “Don’t get too close or they’ll see your flaws and think that you can’t preach God’s Word to them because you yourself aren’t perfect in obedience.”  To which I say, “Horse hockey!”  If anything, it adds authenticity to your preaching knowing that you, as the pastor, sit under the authority and correction of scripture!  It lets your people know that YOU know you aren’t perfect but you are trying and desiring to be more Christlike.  It means you give them room to encourage and exhort you with grace and love when you fail.  It means, that despite all of the personal expectations of perfection you place on yourself, you are part of the body and you need them, and they need you, and its ok you’re not perfect.  Because, as God has designed His Bride, we are far better together than we are apart.

So, while I’ll need to give account to the Board as to why I haven’t met my material deadline, I feel blessed to have these two weeks to reflect on the body of Christ and how important that membership commitment is.  In the body we covenant to be with each other, to love each other, to extend grace and forgiveness to each other, to pick each other up, to graciously correct and exhort each other, and through all of it, to point each other to God who fills us with His love so we CAN do all these things together.  Now who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

If you attend a local church regularly I encourage you to consider membership if you aren’t already a member.  If you have no desire to join the church you’re attending because of what you see there, either talk to the leadership or go find a body that you can join.  We need each other — eyes, ears, feet and hands — together we form the body of Christ and in Him we grow together, live and move and have our being to the glory of God.  Amen.


5 Reasons Why You Should Spend Large Amounts of Time Around The Younger Generation

Over the last few months I have had the privilege of spending time with the younger generation of 20+ year olds and boy, have I learned a lot!  Not only are they very aware of what is going on in the world at large but also what their generation needs to find purpose and fulfilment.  As I pondered the things they have told me, the activities they’ve invited me to, and watched their giftings in action, I have been inspired!  So here are my top 5 reasons why you should go out and connect with the younger generation and I’ll label it as SMART.

1) While we often plan goals that are Safe – they look for Sensational!  So many times I have been in meetings where we are looking towards the future and we set goals that are achievable and boring and safe.  Goals that anyone could accomplish.  Goals that really don’t require much faith at all.  The younger generation long to see the power of God at work in their lives, in the lives of their friends and family, and in the community.  They don’t want Safe — they want Sensational!  And why shouldn’t they?  Why shouldn’t we?  We serve and awesome Sensational God!

2) As we get older we want to Make God in our own image – they desire the Mystery of a God who is bigger than their own problems and challenges before them.  Modernity has brought us many marvelous advances in society.  It has also brought a spiritual rot to the church.  Everything must be quantifiable and understandable – especially God.  For thousands of years the Mystery of God and His “higher ways” were accepted with faith.  Today, unless a person can understand God in their finite mind or have His ways explained so they are acceptable to the individual, there is either a) no God or b) because He cannot be contained we don’t want to acknowledge Him.  The next generation is thrilled that our Creator God sees them, loves them, and wants to be with them in REAL WAYS!  Reason 1 and 2 create what they crave the most in 3…

3) Adventure.  Its not enough for them to look for our Sensational Mysterious God but they want to actively test Him by obediently moving forward in an adventure of faith.  As we read the book of Acts we see the early New Testament church responding in the same way!  They came face to face with the grace and power of God, received the Great Commission to go out to the ends of the earth to make disciples and they did it!  Everywhere they went people came to know the healing and life-giving power of Christ!  The next generation wants to see the sick made well, demons cast out and people brought out of darkness into a life of light!  They are willing to risk the secure religious life for one of anticipatory adventure walking alongside of God!

4) What resonates most for them in this adventure is seeing Restoration brought to our world for the glory of God.  Most middle class suburban churches are consumed with buildings, inner politics and keeping “the flock” happy (and their denominations) that they rarely have the time, energy or resources to look outside of their own congregation and get a world view of people and where they are at…what they need.  The younger generation sees no discrepancy between partnering with an effective secular organization in order to best meet peoples’ needs be it clothing, clean drinking water or food.  When this gets married with their faith and desire for people to meet and believe in a powerful God who loves them there is an amazing effectiveness.  Since the Fall of Creation God has been working to restore the world and people back to Himself.  The younger generation gets this, understands they are called to participate in this and they desires to make this a major focus and priority in their lives.  They don’t have the desire or time to waste on church politics…perhaps we shouldn’t either.

5) Temptations and Trials…it is no secret in our congregation that I love our women’s ministry and want to see it flourish BUT my heart is to see men reached for Christ and young men grown up with a love and commitment to God.  Men are a priority for me.  In watching our church grow in the past few months I have been excited to see my prayers being answered by God…we are getting more and more young men!  Young men who are seeking God, seeking to grow and develop in their own lives.  But what they have really been teaching me…is they are driven to deal with their Temptations so they are holy before God.  They are teaching me that every Trial needs to be covered in prayer through sharing these things with each other as they “walk along the road” with each other and seek God’s heart with each other.  There is an transparent honesty that is inspiring and it develops a humility between each other allowing them to truly be iron sharpening iron.  They have realized its safer to share and support each other then to hide their sin and shame and struggle in isolation.  And to them I say, “Bravo!  Well done!  Keep going!  And thank you for including me in your adventure of spiritual development!”

For a generation many have written off as lazy and without work ethic, I can say with enthusiasm that what I see is a generation who will set our world on fire for God.  So if your spiritual embers are barely glowing.  If you are tired of hiding behind a facade of spiritual perfection while internally you are struggling…ask a member of the younger generation if  you can pray with them, be a part of their prayer walks and hear their ideas to grow God’s Kingdom.  I know you will be as inspired as I am by their testimony and witness in their lives.  To God be glory both now and


The Art of Pouring Oneself Out

In our world of brokenness and chaos, there seems to be an abundance of people needing to experience love and grace. Each person needs to be recognized as a person not a project and therefore deserving of an investment of time. Time and energy. In Isaiah 58 we read,

“…if you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday. And the LORD will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail. And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to dwell in.”

It is a glorious calling to pour yourself out on behalf of others – it can also become all consuming and leave you wondering if you are spread too thin. The question is, “How do you prioritize how you spend your time and energy?” I.e. how and to whom will you pour yourself out? Admittedly, this is an area that I seem to fail in and the recipients of this most often tends to be family. There is definitely a balance that is needed and even healthy boundaries in place for every person you encounter but the art-form takes years and massive spiritual maturity and dependency upon God to guide. When I look at Jesus I see that he did NOT invest in EVERY person. He took time for himself to recharge and time for his closest friends. His discernment came through being connected to the Father in lengthy times of prayer. I believe that is where I am lacking. Though I pray often, it isn’t a predetermined place, time and amount of time. This bears more reflection as I truly believe that should I follow Christ more closely in this relationship with God the Father, I will be more effective as his ambassador and when I pour myself out it will be better balanced. Amen.


Stewards of God’s Grace

Today I sat down to start my day of by reading 1 Peter. Peter writes about how we are born again, being built up into the people of God to the glory of God, needing to submit to authority and even to suffer well as Jesus did. Then we arrive at 1 Peter 4:10 , “As each has recieved a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewarts of God’s varied grace.” A steward is defined as “a person who manages another’s property or financial affairs; one who administers anything as the agent of another or others.” So often we can become self-centered as recipients of God’s grace that we forget that it is a gift we experience and are entrusted with to dispense as God dispenses His grace. In serving one another in love we bless each other and show to others watching what God’s grace looks like. God’s grace isn’t to put into our personal bank and to keep for a personal rainy day. It’s to be invested broadly to others just as God decadently shares it with us. May this cause you to understand more clearly your purpose as a Christ-follower and exhort you to action in our world.